Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are often used to address damaged, decayed, fractured and missing teeth. Crowns and Bridges differ from dentures and offer a more permanent solution as they are cemented onto the existing teeth or implants. Also, unlike many types of dentures, crowns and bridges do not adversely affect the surrounding soft tissues and gums.

A dental crown can come in two main categories. The first is a restorative crown, or cap which is placed over an existing tooth to restore its original function, strength and appearance. The second type is a replacement crown which acts as a brand new tooth to repair a gap.

A dental bridge is a technique generally used to replace multiple missing teeth. Anchored to crowns or existing teeth on either side a bridge is used to ‘bridge’ the gap where teeth are missing providing a seamless fix to your smile.

If you are suffering from severely damaged or missing teeth, contact our caring team at Waiuku Dental Centre to arrange a consultation.

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