At Waiuku Dental Centre we utilise current, up-to-date technology to complete all our treatments with comfort and efficiency producing high quality results that last. Below we have outlined some of the most commonly used technology at our practice and a little about how it helps in our treatment.

Low Dose, Digital X-Rays

Having surpassed their previous film counterparts, low dose digital x-rays use 90% less radiation and produce highly accurate results almost instantaneously. Low dose, digital x-rays are a huge asset to our practice in our treatment planning and diagnosis.

Intra Oral Camera

The intra oral camera is integral to our patient experience and education. As a small camera mounted within a tube that is easily manoeuvred throughout the mouth, the intra oral camera allows you to see what your dentist does in your comprehensive examination so they can explain to you what they are seeing and keep you informed of your treatment.

Ultra Sonic Technology for Painless Cleaning

With your comfort and quality results in mind, our experienced team at Waiuku Dental Centre in Waiuku utilise ultra sonic technology to complete your professional clean and polish in a painless, relaxed manner with enhanced efficiency and stunning results. Using the ultra sonic technology the cleaning scaler will vibrate and incredibly high speeds resulting in the instant removal of plaque and tatar which would not be removed through normal cleaning and brushing. This allows you to walk out with bright, revitalised smile.


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