Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Waiuku Dental Centre we do not believe in removing teeth for not good reason, so if your wisdom teeth are correctly aligned, healthy, pose little to no risk to your oral health and are not causing you distress we feel that they should remain right where they are.

Nevertheless in many cases wisdom teeth can become impacted, growing into surrounding teeth or bone causing crowding, mal-alignment of the teeth and jaw and significant pain and stress. It is also problematic when wisdom teeth only partially erupt to leave a small tissue pocket exposed and vulnerable to infection. If these problems do arise for your wisdom teeth it is often required they be removed.

At Waiuku Dental Centre our experienced dentists will provide you with their professional, considered opinion as to whether they should be removed and what risk they pose to your oral health.

We would recommend arranging a wisdom tooth assessment as they begin to erupt to determine their progress and how they will affect the mouth. Contact our friendly team at Waiuku Dental Centre to arrange an assessment for you or a member of your family.

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