Xerostomia (Dry Mouth Syndrome)

Xerostomia is more commonly known as Dry Mouth and is a condition which effects many people but remains largely ignored and undiagnosed. This condition refers to the failure of the mouth to produce significant saliva, keeping the mouth lubricated. Often this is due to problems with the salivary glands or it may even be a reaction to certain medications.

Saliva is the silent hero of the mouth, performing a variety of roles which we often don’t realise. It is integral to lubricating oral tissues to enable speech, taste, digestion, swallowing and eating (mastication). Furthermore it helps to prevent the development of decay through its natural neutralising properties.

For this reason, at Waiuku Dental Centre in Waiuku, we recommend arranging a consultation if you are experiencing xerostomia (dry mouth), different taste sensations, need to drink excessively or cracked lips or corners of the mouth.


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